Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter App Reviews

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Once you get started you get stuck !

Pandas game



Very fun game but when trying to invite people it freezes and when opening up your inbox same thing there is some bugs they need to fix but other then that great game but pls fix the game

Addictive and Addictive

So fun, love popping.

Panda Pop and what I think of it?

Most addictive game ever, love it!!

Panda pop

This game has become to manipulated. Please stop changing the colour of the balls in the middle of a play. Or I will cancel.

Awesome Game!

Fun to play and can be challenging.


Im enjoying the game

Panda pop

Fun and addictive game

Loads of fun!

Love/hate the game. Just tough enough to keep me coming back for more but, at he same time, easy enough to conquer the levels to keep me from getting frustrated enough to make me want to delete the game.

Fun and Easy

Fun and easy to play

Great "pop"

Great time waster. Up to level 509 without buying anything. Update up to level 656 still have not bought anything. Love trying to figure out how to beat each level with any boosters or purchases.

Wants you to purchase in game items.

Fun game but it should be based on STRATEGY and not on LUCK. If you cant get lucky enough to get all the correct colour balls in the higher up levels you will continue failing and will have to purchase items.


U cant see the top or bring down the screen to see whats left ....wants u to buy extra balloons all the time ....


Very addictive!

Fun and Addictive!

Love it but it constantly keeps crashing in the middle of my game.

Relaxing and challenging

I really enjoy this game. Although it is essentially simple to play; challenging yourself to shoot off the sides and through "caverns", certainly add a new dimension to the game. A pleasant and relaxing game to play anytime.

FunAnd Exicenting

I love this game fun ad challenging

Great for entertainment

Once you play it, cant stop it!


I am enjoying this game, very challenging.

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